subota, 14. srpnja 2018.

From the ART ECO - Ekvilibrium exhibition...

Ekvilibrij - Kuhinja/Ekvilibrium-the Kitchen

The work consists of 33 wooden cooking spoons from which one (second to last in the top row) is transformed in to jewellery, into the pin. It can be easily taken off the canvas, so it could be worn. Discarded object (wooden spoon) through ludism becomes functional again, it becomes a jewel and installation. Through the work I emphasize the todays lack of home cooking as an important part of human health and care on many different levels, on consumerism and all the more present throwing away of still functional items.


Galerija ULUPUH, Tkalčićeva 14, Zagreb, 29.6. – 24.7.2018.

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