srijeda, 30. listopada 2013.


prsten ¨Sijamska plesačica¨ mesing,bakar
ring  ¨Siam dancer¨ brass, copper

bros ¨Zero x...¨ srebro
brooch ¨Zero x...¨ silver

bros ¨Horizontal infinite¨ smola, srebro
nausnice ¨Flower¨ srebro

brooch ¨Horizontal infinite¨ resin, silver
earrings ¨Flower¨ silver

tri brosa , mesing, koža ...¨Order in Black Babel¨
three brooches, brass, leather...¨Order in Black Babel¨

model: Ana Šunjić
fotografija: R.Sarađen
stilist_blogger: Nataša Hlevnjak Sarađen

prsten ¨Sijamska plesačica¨ mesing,bakar
ring  ¨Siam dancer¨ brass, copper

prsten ¨Plameni¨ mesing, gorski kristal, karneol
ring ¨Plameni¨ brass, carnelian, rock crystal 

prsten ¨Kameni jezik¨, mesing, kamen
ring ¨Kameni jezik¨, brass, stone

 bros ¨Zero x...¨ srebro
prsten ¨The Clown¨, mesing, srebro,spužva
brooch ¨Zero x...¨ silver
ring ¨The Clown¨, brass, silver, sponge

prsten (desno) ¨Salamanderova sjena¨, mesing, srebro
prsten (ljevo)¨Hathorin dar¨, mesing, staklene perle, drvo
ogrlica ¨Užareni mjesec¨, mesing, staklene perle, emajl lak

ring (right) ¨Salamanderova sjena¨, brass, silver
ring (left) ¨Hathorin dar¨, brass, seed beads, wood
necklace Užareni mjesec¨, brass, seed beads, enamel lacquer

bros ¨Horizontal¨ mesing
brooch ¨Horizontal¨ brass

ogrlica POPS, smola, srebro
necklace POPS, resin, silver

subota, 26. listopada 2013.

mini POPS nausnice....lavanda

smola, srebro, razliciti dijelovi lavande; od cvijeta do peteljke
rucni rad
resin, silver, various parts of lavander; from flower to petiole
hand made

petak, 25. listopada 2013.

POPS new lavander edition

earrings - nausnice
resin, silver: handmade - smola, srebro: rucni rad

brooch - bros
resin, silver; handmade - smola, srebro; rucni rad

četvrtak, 24. listopada 2013.

EHIBITION_BODY JEWELLERY.contemporary Croatian Jewellery /IZLOZBA_NAKIT ZA TIJELO.hrvatski suvremeni nakit

The word "jewellery" in the Croatian language suggests the decorative feature of an object which we wear on our body, as an adornment. Its meaning is, of course, much broader, both for those who wear it and for those who fashion jewellery , who treat it as a work of art in all of its contemporary versions - from concept to social commentary, from mini sculpture to a designed product. All options within this scale are allowed, and beyond, and the authors choose them depending on their sensibility and artistic preferences.

Opening: 5 November, 2013, 6 p.m. Gallery MENO NIŠA