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COLOR,COLORS...exhibition announcement

It is my pleasure to be a part of the COLOR, COLORS exhibition at ICKX Contemporary Jewelry

ICKX Contemporary Jewelry is pleased to invite you at "COLOR, COLORS" exhibition.
Exhibition opening is on 3.03.2016. 18:00-21:00h, at Avenue Georges Henri 435, Brussels, Belgium.

Color, colors:
We can observe an infinity of colors which vary according to their brightness, intesity and luminosity. The color is not only a physical and perceptive phenomenon; it is also very complex cultural construction which is very difficult to analyze and to summarize... read more

Around twenty creators young or confirmed, Belgian or foreign offer you their interpretation of contemporary jewelry, still in a graphic aesthetic, sober to minimalist!


Nevin Arig - Isabelle Azaïs - Yafit Ben Meshulam - Cécile Bertrand - Louis Bruyneel - Ellis Cameron - Isabelle Carpentier - Jitka Dvorakova - EleKtre - Noana Giambra - Anne Goy - Audrey Ickx - Sylvie Jousset - Ana Pina - Christine Keyeux - Sabina Kolonic - Claire Lavendhomme - Lous - Floriane Leblong - Sana Lopez - Lupu Andra - Emilie Rouquié - stAen - Zeta Tsermou - Diederick van Hövell - Vanessa Williams

Opening hours of the ICKX gallery;
Tuesday to Saturday from 11:00 am to 6:30 pm
Avenue Georges Henri 435, Brussels, Belgium

The exhibition is on display untill 30.07.2016.

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The contemporary jewelry exchange 2015

The Contemporary Jewelry exchange is an art project where the jewellery artist from around the world are paired and asked to create a unique piece of jewelry for each other.
The exchange is published as an online exhibition and in a printed book.
More about exchange on fb and web pages

I was glad to be paired with Louise, jewellery artist from United Kingdom.

More about Louise You can find on fb and web pages.

Louise Seijen ten Hoorn
United Kingdom
“The Red String of Fate” is a concept that originates in Asian legend. Sabina and I chose to work with this idea that those who are destined to meet one another are already connected by a magical red cord.
I like to think of my work as being small wearable sculptures. I get excited about the shape and proportion of things and am especially drawn to beautifully flowing curves such as those found in human anatomy. For Sabina I created a piece that opens and contains a red thread. It can be worn as a ring or as a pendant.
Red String of Fate Locket & Ring
Silver, silk
Sabina Kolonić Croatia
Work that I make is a result of deep thoughts and contemplations, driven by a constant desire for understanding, exploring life and all that makes it a wonder. I translate it into the pieces, take apart, reduce to the fundamental core shapes and symbols. Meeting Louise was a beautiful experience, we have recognized our common minds, found our red thread so the process and the result were a pure joy.
The Red Thread in eleven for Louise : necklace off loom beadweaving

The Red Thread in eleven for Louise
necklace, off loom beadweaving
glass seed beads, thread on wood and metal construction

Portrait photo courtesy by dear friend B.Bartolac
Photo of the piece: Anibas
all rights reserved