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WHITE exhibition....announcement...

opening 3.12.2015., 18:00-21:00
Ickx Contemporary Jewelry
Avenue Georges Henri 435, 1200 Brussels, Belgium


ICKX Contemporary Jewelry is pleased to invite you at the white exhibition
Exhibition from December 1 to February 27.
Opening hours from Tuesday to Saturday from 11 a.m to 6.30 p.m.

For this exhibition a theme : the white !

The white is not considered like a color because it represent the absence of color and, a point of optic view, it's a chromatic synthes of all visible wavelengths (colors).
In our occidental culture, the white means a lot of positive values like purity, balance, innocence, calm, peace,... In Asia and in a few countries in Africa, it can also represent death and mourning.
The white is too bound at marriage, at birth, at virginity but also to old age, serenity and wisdom.
In the monotheistic religions for example, it symbolizes the divine light.
It's also the paramount light of the origin of the world, the beginning times : big bang is represented by a burst of white light.
The white represents also the absence, the empty : the fear of the white page, to have white in a discusion, a white night, a white bull...
And you, what is your representation of WHITE ?

Thirty creators, young or confirmed, Belgian or foreign offer you their interpretation of white, still in a graphic aesthetic, sober to minimalist!

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